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  • OrgoSol-PROTEIN-Concentrate™

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The OrgoSol-PROTEIN-Concentration™ kit precipitates protein with a proprietary solvent buffer, OrgoSol™. The OrgoSol™ buffer has been specifically developed for efficient precipitation of protein solutions with minimal disruption to the protein structure and therefore maintains the biological activity of most proteins.

The kit has been extensively tested for the concentration of a wide selection of enzymatic proteins without the loss of their biological activity and for ~100% protein recovery. The kit is designed to precipitate up to 5ml protein solution.

The method involves mixing a protein solution with the OrgoSol™ Buffer followed by incubation, which results in quantitative precipitation of the protein. The precipitated protein is suspended in a smaller volume of an appropriate buffer and the concentrated protein solution is ready for use.






    • Precipitates fragile and enzyme proteins without loss of activity.
    • Uses a proprietary organic solvent buffer.
    • Recovery ~100%.










    • Concentration of protein solutions while maintaining their biological activities.







ISO 9001:2008 Certified

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