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For the generation of peptide and protein affinity columns.

An important tool in research is the generation of peptide and protein affinity columns for the purification of antibodies and for the discovery of important interacting proteins and cofactors. G-Biosciences offers a complete kit for the coupling of peptides and proteins to agarose through thei..
The amine reactive HOOK™ Activated Agarose is 6% agarose that has been activated to generate reactive aldehyde groups. The aldehyde groups of the agarose react spontaneously with primary amines, located at the N-terminus of proteins or in lysine residues, to form intermediate Schiff Base compl..
Carbonyl groups, including aldehydes, ketones and glyoxals, react with amines to form Schiff base intermediates that are in equilibrium with their free forms.  The labile Schiff’s base interaction can be stabilized by chemical reduction. If the Schiff’s base is formed between an ald..
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