Antipain Dihydrochloride

Antipain Dihydrochloride

Specificity:  Inhibits Ca2+-dependent endopeptidases, including papain, trypsin-like serine proteases, some cysteine proteases and to a lesser extent plasmin.  Higher specificity for trypsin and papain compared to leupeptin.
Solubility: Soluble in water, methanol and DMSO (Stock solution: 10mM)
Molecular weight: 677.6



  • Synonym: N-(Nα-Carbonyl-Arg-Val-Arg-al)-Phe
  • CAS#: 37682-72-7
  • Molcular Formula: C27H44N10O6 2 HCl
  • Molecular Weight: 677.62



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