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DCB™ Protein Assay

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DCB™ Protein Assay 15 test tube assays
DCB™ Protein Assay 500 test tube assays

DCB™ Protein Assay

DCB™ Protein Assay is a Coomassie Dye (Bradford) based detergent compatible assay. The Assay contains proprietary reagents suitable for samples containing detergents including SDS and Triton-X 100. DCB™ Protein Assay is simple and rapid to perform with reaction optimum time of 5 minutes. DCB™ Protein Assay can also be used for samples that do not contain detergents.

The binding of protein to the dye results in a change of color from brown to blue and this change in color density is proportional to protein concentration. Protein estimation can be performed using as little 0.5 µg protein. The protein-dye complexes reach a stable endpoint in 5 minutes.



  • Compatible with detergents containing samples.
  • Rapid: The reaction reaches optimal within 5 minutes.
  • Sensitivity: can detect as low as 0.5μg protein with detection range from 1 to 1000 μg/ml..
  • Available in 500 test tube or 2500 micowell assays.


  • DCB™ Protein Assay is suitable for detergent containing solubilization and lysis buffers.
  • For protein estimation in protein purification, electrophoresis, cell biology, molecular biology, and other research applications.
  • Suitable for protein samples containing common laboratory agents.
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