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IL-15 R alpha/IL-15Rα
Protein Specification
Description Recombinant Human Interleukin-15 Receptor Subunit Alpha is produced by our Mammalian expression system and the target gene encoding Ile31-Thr205 is expressed with a Fc tag at the C-terminus.
Alternate Names CD215; IL15RA; CD215 antigen; IL-15 receptor subunit alpha; IL-15RA; IL-15R-alpha; interleukin 15 receptor; alpha; interleukin-15 receptor subunit alpha; MGC104179
Accession No. Q13261
Amino Acid Range Ile31-Thr205
Tag C-Fc
Species Human
Source Human cells
Background Interleukin 15 Receptor alpha (IL-15Rα) is a transmembrane glycoprotein that plays a pleiotropic role in immune development and function, including the positive maintenance of lymphocyte homeostasis. IL-15Rα chain can bind soluble IL-15 and “transpresent” cytokine to the cells, allowing them to respond to IL-15. Soluble IL-15Rα can function as a specific high-affinity IL-15 antagonist. The soluble IL-15/IL-15Rα complexes exhibit a strong agonistic activity which is mediated through membrane-bound IL-15 receptor β and γ heterodimers and enables signaling to cells.
Biological Activity The ED50 for this effect is 0.35-3.5 ng/ml.. Measured by its ability to block human IL-15-induced proliferation of CTLL‑2 mouse cytotoxic T cells.
Purity Greater than 95% as determined by reducing SDS-PAGE.
Product Form Lyophilized
Formulation Lyophilized from a 0.2 μm filtered solution of 20mM PB, 150mM NaCl, pH 7.4.
Entotoxin Levels Less than 0.1 ng/µg (1 EU/µg) as determined by LAL test.
Reconstitution Dissolve the lyophilized protein in distilled water.
Storage Lyophilized protein should be stored at < -20°C, though stable at room temperature for 3 weeks.Reconstituted protein solution can be stored at 4-7°C for 2-7 days.Aliquots of reconstituted samples are stable at < -20°C for 3 months.
Shipping The product is shipped at ambient temperature.

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