Brij® 58

Brij® 58

Brij® 58

Brij® 58 is a non-ionic detergent that is provided for research purposes or as a 10% proteomic grade solution.

Proteomic Grade: DG005, DG006, DG505, DG516

Research Grade: 786-522, 786-352


Proteomic Grade Detergent Solutions

Many commercial grade detergents contain elevated levels of sulfhydryl oxidizing agents, peroxides, salts and carbonyl compounds. The proteins that are isolated with these detergents are highly susceptible to contaminating peroxides and carbonyls. The peroxides will oxidize proteins and the carbonyl groups will form Schiff’s bases with the proteins that interfere with its structure.   


G-Biosciences’ Proteomic Grade Detergent Solutions contain reduced peroxides and carbonyl compounds. In addition, the detergents have less than 50µS conductivity. These detergents are offered as sterile, 10% aqueous solutions, sealed under inert gas, and are suitable for protein applications. These non-ionic detergents are suitable for isolating membrane-protein complexes.   


Other Proteomic Grade Detergent Solutions offered include: Triton® X-100Triton® X-114Brij® 35Tween® 20Tween® 80 and Nonidet® P-40 Substitute. A variety pack is also available, perfect for trial and optimization. The pack contains one 10ml vial of all seven proteomic grade detergents, as well as one gram samples of one of our Zwitterionic detergents (CHAPS) and one of our non-detergent sulfobetaines (NDSB 201).



  • Synonym: Polyethylene glycol hexadecyl ether
  • CAS Number: 9004-95-9
  • Form: White solid (unless indicated)
  • Molecular Weight: 1122
  • Absorbance (225nm): 0.0788 (1% w/v)
  • Critical Micelle Concentration (CMC): 7-77µM
  • Aggregation Number: 70
  • Cloud Point: >100ºC
  • Average Micellar Weight: 79,000
  • Molecular Formula:  C16H33(OCH2CH2)20-OH



  • Non-ionic detergent available as a 10% proteomic grade solution or a research grade solid
  • For protein extraction, permeabilization of cells, and preparation of yeast spheroplasts
  • Ultra low concentrations of contaminating peroxides, aldehydes, salts and carbonyl compounds



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Catalog Description Size Price(USD) Qty
Brij® 58 250g
Brij® 58 500g
Brij® 58 (Polyoxyethylene(23)cetyl ether), 10% Aqueous Solution (Proteomic Grade) 5 x 10ml Vials
Brij® 58 (Polyoxyethylene(23)cetyl ether), 10% Aqueous Solution (Proteomic Grade) 10 x 10ml Vials
Brij® 58 (Polyoxyethylene(23)cetyl ether), 10% Aqueous Solution (Proteomic Grade) 50ml
Brij® 58 (Polyoxyethylene(23)cetyl ether), 10% Aqueous Solution (Proteomic Grade) 100ml