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G-Biosciences offer a wide range of water for all of your laboratory or production process needs.  Our water is consistent, compliant, and available in volumes that are appropriate for your application.  Custom sizes are also available.

Molecular Grade Water is suitable for use in molecular biology applications which demand a high quality of water and assurance that the water is free from DNase, RNase and protease contamination. No toxic agents, such as DEPC, are used in the manufacturing of Molecular Grade Water™, eliminating DEPC interference of enzymatic reactions.  Each lot is quality tested for the absence of RNase & DNase contamination.  

DEPC-Treated Water for those who prefer chemically (DEPC) treated water for PCR applications is also available.

Endotoxin Free Water is free of endotoxins and enzymes, including proteases.  Certified tested by the Limulus amebocyte lysate (LAL) test for endotoxins and determined to be <0.0050EU/ml..
Proteomic Grade Water suitable for 2D electrophoresis and mass spectrometry analysis. Removes worries of protien and dust contamination and improves quality and reproducibility of 2D electrophoresis and mass spectrometry results.
Distilled Reagent Grade Water, steam distilled and sterile filtered for use as a research laboratory reagent.  This distilled water is low endotoxin (<0.025EU/mL) and low conductivity (<10μS).  This water is ideal for the preparation of reagents, rinsing of glassware and plasticware, and various other research applications.  No toxic agents such as DEPC are included in the preparation of distilled water, eliminating interference with enzymatic analysis.

HPLC Grade Water  G-Bioscience’s HPLC grade water is sufficiently pure for HPLC mobile phase and sample preparation.  HPLC grade water contains less than 1ppm of evaporation residue and less than 1.3mAU at 254nm/

Ultrapure Elite Water Ultrapure Elite™ Water from G-Biosciences is an ultra high grade water manufactured in an ISO9001:2015 certified facility.  Ultrapure Elite™ Water is endotoxin free, RNase/DNase free, and meets specifications for ACS grade water.  Water with purity sufficient for your most sensitive processes.
Water for Injection (WFI) from G-Biosciences is highly purified water which meets all USP criteria for injectable water.  This water is produced in an ISO9001:2015 certified facility and is of sufficient grade for cell culture and biomanufacturing processes.  This water is intended for further manufacturing and research use and is not intended for direct human or veterinary pareteral administration.  Convenient 200L (55gal) bulk size is packaged in a bioprocessing container.
Endotoxin Free Water is cell culture grade as it is sterile filtered through a 0.05 micron filter to be free of endotoxins as certified tested by the Limulus amebocyte lysate (LAL) test for endotoxins and determined to be <0.0050EU/ml. The water is also certified DNAse, RNAse and Protease free. A..
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