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Amino Acid Side Chain Modifiers

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A range of chemicals that modify amino acid side chains to block side chain interactions, change the charge or modify them to be more favorable for other reactions.

Sulfhydration Kit With SATA is designed to introduce sulfhydryls into proteins, peptides, antibodies and other molecules which are used in conjugation and labeling of proteins. SATA [N-Succinimidyly S-Acetylthioacetate] reagent in the kit introduces sulfhydryl groups in the proteins by reacting with..
Sulfhydration Kit With Traut's Reagent is designed for modifying primary amine group of proteins to sulfhydryl group using Traut’s Reagent. Traut’s Reagent or 2-Iminothiolane is a cyclic thioimidate compound that reacts with primary amines of proteins to introduce sulfhydryl groups ..
Sulfo NHS converts carboxyl groups to amine reactive sulfo NHS esters Kit related to Sulfo NHS is also available [Reactive Amination Kit]   Features Chemical Name: N-Hydroxysulfosuccinimide Reacts primarily with primary amines Water soluble Molecular weight: 217.13 &n..
Sulfo NHS Acetate blocks primary amines by acylation. Kits related to Sulfo NHS Acetate is also available [Protein Acetylation Kit]   Features Chemical Name: Sulfosuccinimidyl acetate Reacts primarily with primary amines Reacts at pH 7-9 Water soluble Molecular ..
Traut's Reagent adds sulfhydryls groups to primary amines    Kit related to Traut's Reagent is also available [Sulfhydration Kit With Traut's Reagent] Features Chemical Name: 2-Iminothiolane hydrochloride Molecular weight: 137.63 Mild conditions: pH ..
G-Biosciences Tyrosine Addition Kit is designed for conjugation of tyrosine-like residues to end-terminal α-amino groups or ε-amino groups of lysine to increase the number of tyrosyl groups that can be iodinated by iodine-125 labeling procedures. The kit is provided with Sulfo-SHP..
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