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G-Biosciences has been producing and packing resins for over 20 years and has the ability to uniformly pack a range of gravity flow and low-pressure columns. Looking for a company to fill and pack resins and binding matrices?  Our experts can pack a wide selection of matrices, either produced by us or supplied by you.

Case Study: Custom column packing for a DNA sample preparation column for a diagnostic company

The Project

A diagnostic company specializing in a broad range of innovative diagnostic test kits was looking to expand production of its sterile resin filled column, however this was affecting its production capacity of other products and were looking to outsource the column filling and kit packaging.

Our Support

Expertise in producing and filling a large range of gravity flow and low pressure columns attracted the diagnostic company to us.


The diagnostic company had established SOP for the column, however working closely with our production team, we were able to find a cost-effective solution and streamline their production.  We worked closely with their production and regulatory department to transition to the modified SOP and produced several batches that passed their internal QC and regulatory requirements.

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