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Recombinant Development, Purification, and Production

Case Study 1


A major CRO engaged in high throughput drug screening approached G-Biosciences. The CRO asked us to prepare bulk quantities of bacterial total protein lysate.  

Our support

G-Biosciences manufacturing team produced large scale bacterial culture preparation from the glycerol stock provided by the CRO under the material transfer agreement in the NDA. After harvesting the bacterial culture, the lysate was prepared according to the specifications provided by the CRO. 


Case Study 2


A leading assay development company in the USA reached out to G-Biosciences for production of bulk quantity of a luciferase enzyme. 

Our support

G-Biosciences R&D production team cultured a bulk quantity of the bacterial clone, induce the cells for protein production. Purified the luciferase enzyme on an affinity column and provided the customer with bulk quantity of active luciferase enzyme for their line of assay products.


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