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Chromatography Resources

Case Study 1


A busy university research lab asked G-Biosciences for supply of a wide range of chromatography cartridges to keep the research moving forward and reduce their cost. The lab principal investigator approached us with a list of a wide variety of pre-packed FPLC cartridges. 

Our Support

We became their source for custom affinity resins as well as prepacked chromatography FPLC cartridges.


Case Study 2


A leading international drug development company after developing their manufacturing process wanted to reduce endotoxin level from their process. The company reached out to G-Biosciences for bulk quantity of endotoxin removing resins as well as other chromatography support, consulting, and supplies to integrate into their manufacturing process. 

Our Support

G-Biosciences manufacturing team produce the bulk quantity of endotoxin removing resin for the drug development company. We also provided chromatography consulting and accessories to support their drug development project.


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