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L-Alanine 4-nitroanilide hydrochloride

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L-Alanine 4-nitroanilide hydrochloride

H-Ala-pNA·HCl is a substrate for L-alanine aminopeptidase, which is an enzyme that is localized in bacterial cell walls responsible for the cleavage of L-alanine from various peptides. It is found that significant L-alanine aminopeptidase activity is specific to gram-negative microbes. Therefore H-Ala-pNA·HCl can be used in support of evidence that an organism is gram positive or gram negative. It is split by L-alanine aminopeptide into L-alanine and 4-nitroanine. The latter compound causes bacterial suspension to turn yellow.

Store at -15°C Protect from light. 



  • CAS#: 31796-55-1
  • Molecular Formula:  C9H11N3O3·HCl
  • Molecular Weight: 245.67 g/mol



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