HP Ampicillin™

HP Ampicillin™
HP Ampicillin™ is a stronger and more stable inhibitor of ß-lactamase than regular ampicillin and, therefore, supports only the growth of ampicillin resistant colonies even after prolonged incubation.
Culture plates can be incubated for a longer period at 37°C, eliminating the time constraint associated with normal ampicillin.
HP Ampicillin™ is suitable as an antibiotic to grow plasmids in liquid cultures or plates. HP Ampicillin™ is supplied lyophilized and reconstituted in 500µl deionized water to give a 1000X solution.  Each kit is supplied with 10 vials, suitable for a total volume of 5L culture media or agar.
Regular ampicillin, sodium salt is also offered.



  • Reduces satellite colonies
  • Lyophilized format for improved stability
  • Reconstituted 1000X Concentration
  • Suitable for 5L media or agar



  • Selection of ampicillin resistant clones



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HP Ampicillin™ [1000X] 10 x 500µl