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HOOK™ Maleimide Activated Allophycocyanin-XL

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HOOK™ Maleimide Activated Allophycocyanin-XL 1 mg
HOOK™ Maleimide Activated Allophycocyanin-XL 5 x 1 mg

HOOK™ Maleimide Activated Allophycocyanin-XL

Phycobiliproteins are fluorescent proteins obtained from cyanobacteria and eukaryotic algae. The fluorescence of these proteins is very high, when compared to chemical fluorescent probes, such as fluorescein and rhodamine. Allophycocyanin (APC) is a fluorescent protein isolated from cyanobacteria algae of the Spirulina genus. APC absorbs light at 651 nm and emits red light at 660 nm. APC has high absorptivity and high quantum efficiency. Cross-linked Allophycocyanin (Allophycocyanin-XL) is more stable compared to APC. Allophycocyanin-XL is useful in applications that require fluoroscopy such as fluorescent activated cell sorting, flow cytometry, immunostaining. For this Allophycocyanin-XL needs to be conjugated to antibodies or other molecules and that requires Allophycocyanin-XL to be activated with cross-linker.


G-Biosciences HOOK™ Maleimide Allophycocyanin-XL is offered to enable its conjugation with antibodies or other molecules for its application in immunostaining and flowcytometry. Allophycocyanin-XL is maleimide activated using Sulfo-SMCC, a heterobifunctional crosslinker which adds a free maleimide group, which reacts with sulfhydryl containing molecules.


  • Sulfo SMCC activated Sterptavidin.
  • Sulfhydryl Reactive: Conjugates with molecules containing reduced thiol (-SH) groups.
  • Available as ready to use 1 mg lyophilized vial. 



  • HOOK™ Maleimide Allophycocyanin-XL conjugated with antibodies or other moleules is used in immunostaining and flowcytometry
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