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HOOK™ Maleimide Activated Avidin

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HOOK™ Maleimide Activated Avidin 1 mg
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HOOK™ Maleimide Activated Avidin

Avidin, an egg-white protein is a tetrameric biotin binding protein. It is highly cationic glycoprotein with molecular weight of around 66kD. The protein contains four identical units, each of it binds to biotin with high specificity and affinity. The dissociation constant (KD) of avidin-biotin complex is around 10-15 M which is one of the strongest non-covalent bonds.

G-Biosciences HOOK™ Maleimide Activated Avidin is offered to enable its conjugation with fluorescent dyes or ELISA enzymes such as horseradish peroxidase (HRP) containing sulfhydryl (-SH) groups. Avidin conjugated with dyes or enzymes is frequently used in DNA hybridization techniques, immunohistochemistry, ELISA and flow cytometry. Biotin conjugated probes or primary antibodies are used to localize antigen and avidin conjugated to fluorescent probe or enzyme binds to biotin and detects the antigen. Besides this avidin can also be conjugated to antibodies to localize antigen and biotin conjugated to the detection molecules.

Avidin is maleimide activated using Sulfo-SMCC, a heterobifunctional crosslinker which adds a free maleimide group which reacts with sulfhydryl containing molecules.



  • Sulfo SMCC activated Avidin
  • Sulfhydryl Reactive: Conjugates with molecules containing reduced thiol (-SH) groups.
  • Available as ready to use 1 mg lyophilized vial.



  • HOOK™ Maleimide Activated Avidin is used for conjugation with fluorescent dyes or ELISA enzymes such as horse radish peroxidase (HP) containing sulfhydryl (-SH) groups for use in DNA hybridization techniques, immunohistochemistry, ELISA and flow cytometry


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