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HOOK™ Maleimide Activated Ovalbumin

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HOOK™ Maleimide Activated Ovalbumin 1mg
HOOK™ Maleimide Activated Ovalbumin 5 x 1 mg

HOOK™ Maleimide Activated Ovalbumin

Haptens are small molecules such as peptides that are not immunogenic but can bind to antibodies of appropriate specificity (hapten-specific antibodies). Although haptens are incomplete immunogens, they can be made fully immunogenic by coupling them with suitable carrier proteins. Some of the commonly used carrier proteins are keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH; MW:4.5 x 105 D), BSA (MW: 67,000D) and ovalbumin (OVA; MW: 45,000)

G-Biosciences HOOK™ Maleimide Activated Ovalbumin is offered to enable its conjugation with haptens for use in generating immune response or for ELISA applications. 
Ovalbumin is maleimide activated using Sulfo-SMCC, a heterbifunctional crosslinker which adds a free maleimide group which reacts with sulfhydryl containing molecules.


  • Sulfo-SMCC activated Ovalbumin
  • Sulfhydryl reactive: Conjugates with molecules containing reduced  thiol (-SH) groups.
  • Available in ready to use to 1 mg vial.



 Maleimide Activated Ovalbumin conjugates with haptens and acts as a carrier protein to generate immune response or use in ELISA applications.


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