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Labeling & Conjugation

G-Biosciences offer a vast array of products for protein labeling and conjugations. Both fluorescent and biotin labeling kits are available as well as products for agarose conjugation and accessories. 

Fluorescent dyes have become a common tool in laboratories for the visualization and studying of proteins, whether they are attached directly to the protein of interest or to antibodies specific for the protein of interest. 

G-Biosciences researchers have developed two kits for the rapid and efficient labeling of proteins, including antibodies, with a fluorescent green (FITC) or red ((5/6) TAMRA-SE) dye.  Each kit is supplied with five of our single-use OneQuant™ fluorescent reagents that protect the dyes from exposure to light and minimize hands-on time.  The following evaluates labeling of two different proteins with fluorescent dyes.


HOOK-Biotin kits come with all the necessary reagents and equipment for optimization of reaction conditions, efficient labeling, removal of unbound biotin and quantification of biotin labeling.  In addition to highly efficient labeling, the HOOK-Biotin kits offer the advantage of being supplied with micro dialysis units and a specific Optimizer Buffer.  These greatly simplify the labeling process and ensure high levels of biotin labeling.


Download the Protein Labeling & Conjugation Handbook