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Genomic DNA Purification

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A selection of genomic isolation kits are offered that purify high quality genomic DNA  from a wide variety of sources and for a wide array of applications.
OmniPrep genomic DNA kits are for ultra pure genomic DNA that is suitable for all downstream applications. Theses kits are fully scalable for large genomic DNA isolations. The procedure is slightly more involved to ensure ultra pure DNA.
GET genomic DNA kits are spin column format kits for the rapid isolation of genomic DNA from small sample sizes.
XIT genomic DNA kits produce protein free, high quality DNA and use protein digestion and precipitation followed by genomic DNA purification.  No chloroform or phenol extraction required.
OmniTemplate genomic DNA kits are for the rapid generation of PCR ready genomic templates.
MegaLong isolates high molecular weight genomic DNA from a variety of samples, including animal tissues, cultured cells, whole blood, bacterial and yeast.


The XIT™ Genomic DNA from Yeast kit is designed for the isolation of genomic DNA from overnight yeast cultures.   The kit uses three main steps (see figure) that are rapid & efficient enzymatic digestion of cell walls, spheroplast lysis and complete protein precipitation, f..
The XIT™ Genomic DNA from Buccal Cells kit is designed for the isolation of genomic DNA from Buccal cells (cheek cells).   The kit uses three main steps (see figure) that are rapid & efficient cell lysis, enzymatic protein digestion and complete protein precipitat..
The XIT™ Mitochondrial DNA kit combines our FOCUS™ Mitochondria technology with our XIT™ DNA isolation technology in a single kit.   The kit uses our proprietary Subcell buffers to lyses cells and animal tissue and remove cellular proteins and nuceli from a highly enrich..
The Yeast Geno-DNA-Template™ extraction kit isolates high quality genomic DNA from yeast. The kit is based on a two-step lysis of yeast cells, using LongLife™ Zymolyase® and LongLife™ Proteinase K, followed by the removal of proteins and other cellular impurities by precipitati..
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