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2x YT Broth, Dry


2xYT Broth, Dry is a microbial growth medium commonly used for cultivation of E. coli and M13 bacteriophage. The 2x YT medium is rich in nutrients such as peptides, amino acids, and water-soluble vitamins and has low concentration of salts

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  • Ready to use bacterial cell culture medium.
  • Composition: 1.6% Tryptone, 1% Yeast Extract, 0.5% NaCl
  • available in 250 g and 4 x 250 g sizes.


Preparation note: 

2xYT Broth​:  Weigh 31g of 2xYT Broth, Dry and transfer it to bottle with stir bar. Add 900 ml deionized water. Heat to boil and stir to dissolve the powder.  Cool the medium to room temperature. Check and adjust the pH to 7±0.2 if required. Make up to final volume (1L). Autoclave at 121°C (15 psi) for 15 minutes.



  • Suitable for cultivation of M13 bacteriophage.
  • Suitable for cultivation of E.coli for cloining, DNA plasmid production and production of recombinant proteins


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