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Non-Ionic Detergents

Non-ionic detergents have a hydrophilic head group that is uncharged and are preferred for their ability to break lipid-lipid and lipid-protein interactions. They have limited ability to break protein-protein interactions and are often referred to as non-denaturing detergents and are used to isolate biologically active membrane proteins.


The non-ionic detergents are supplied as a general Research Grade, Proteomic Grade (PG) Solutions and 2D-Detergents™. The Proteomic Grade (PG) Solutions have ultra low aldehyde (<100μM) and peroxide (<50μM) concentrations to reduce the effects of  peroxidase and carbonyl compounds that negatively interact with membrane proteins. The 2D-Detergents™ have low conductivity (<10μS) and ultra low aldehyde (<100μM) and peroxide (<50μM) concentrations.


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Tween® 20 (Polyethylene glycol sorbitan monolaurate) is a non-ionic detergent that is routinely used in biochemical and life science research.  G-Biosciences provides research grade Tween® 20 in 0.5L and 1L packages (786-517, 786-518) or a highly purified and sterile Prot..
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