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A 10X Concentrated solution of Phosphate Buffered Saline with Tween® 20. The 10X Concentration is 80mM Na2HPO4, 1.5M NaCl, 20mM KH2PO4, 30mM KCl, 0.5% Tween® 20, pH 7.4.   PBST is commonly used as a wash solution for Western blot membranes and microtiter plate wells in ELISA assa..
Recombinant streptavidin from streptomyces avidinii, produced in E.coli. Lyophilized in 20mM potassium phospate, pH6.5 and available in 5, 25 and 100mg. Biotin, a 244Da vitamin (Vitamin H) molecule, exhibits an extraordinary binding affinity for streptavidin (Ka=1015M-1). Biotin and streptavidin in..
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