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Protein Gel Stains

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A selection of products for staining proteins in electrophoresis gels.

A major tool in the analysis of a species' proteome is the ability to separate and visualize the proteins by electrophoresis, 1D or 2D, and then the subsequent visualization of the proteins. G-Biosciences has developed a wide selection of electrophoresis gel stains for visualizing proteins that vary in sensitivity, staining time and reversibility.

A guide to aid in selecting the best stain for your research, "How To Select A Protein Gel Stain" is available in the technical literature.

The staining of gels with silver stains often results in over staining or unevenly stained gels. To save the trouble of repeating the electrophoresis, G-Biosciences offers Silver D-Stain™.   Features Silver D-Stain™ can be used for reducing the staining of silver stained ge..
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