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Lysis and Extraction Systems

An array of reagents and accessories for extraction of proteins from biological samples. Depending on applications and biological sample type, researchers are offered the options to choose from one or more of the following lysis and protein extraction systems. These protein extraction systems also offer researcher the option to select buffering agents either amine based, non-amine or phosphate buffering agents. These lysis systems are designed to cover the most extensive range of applications in protein research.

The Protein Extraction and Lysis Buffer systems (PE LB™ series) utilize a mild detergent, ensuring efficient protein recovery while maintaining the biological activity of the proteins. The solubilized proteins are suitable for enzyme assays, electrophoresis, ELISA, Western blot, folding studies, chromatographic studies, and many other downstream applications. The PE LB™ systems offer a wide selection of lysis buffers for extraction of proteins from bacteria, insects, mammalian cell cultures, mammalian tissues, and yeast.

PopLysis™ protein extraction systems utilize a cocktail of membrane solubilizing detergents and are optimized to rapidly solubilize and “pop open” membrane structures, allowing cellular proteins to spill out into lysis solution. The cellular proteins are stable in PopLysis™ buffer and suitable for downstream applications such as enzyme assays, chromatography studies, ELISA, Western blot, protein folding studies, and gel electrophoresis. These systems are also suitable for high throughput applications such as screening recombinant proteins. PopLysis™ buffers contain amine-free buffering agents making them suitable for applications that require proteins in amine free buffers. PopLysis™ buffer systems are optimized kits for lysis and extraction of proteins from bacteria, yeast, neurons, mammalian cellsmammalian tissue, and insect cells.

FOCUS™ Proteome Kits are optimized for the preparation of total protein for downstream screening and protein discovery.  These kits have been optimized for the isolation of several protein types including soluble, insoluble, membrane, cytoplasmic, nuclear, signal, phosphoproteins and glycoproteins. These kits are simple to use, save time, improve the quality of protein analysis and improve the likelihood of novel protein discovery. FOCUS™ Proteome Kits are suitable for the analysis of proteins using 1D and 2D electrophoresis, mass-spectrometry, and other sensitive biochemical techniques.  Each kit is specifically designed for protein isolation from either mammalian cells, mammalian tissues, bacteria, insects, plants, yeast, and other biological samples.

Other lysis buffer offerings include the extensively cited RIPA lysis buffer, and a modified mild version Mild-RIPA lysis and extraction buffer that does not contain SDS detergent. Inclusion bodies solubilization buffers, IBS™ and HP- IBS™ Buffers. A kit for Total Protein Extraction (TPE™) for the extraction of total proteins from cells and tissues for electrophoresis and other applications. RBC lysis buffer specifically designed for lysis of red blood cells.

Accessories are also offered to assist with protein extraction and isolation procedures which include our EZ Grind™ and Molecular Grinding Resin™, sample grinding tools, they are available either as single use tubes with matching pestles or just grinding resin with or without matching tubes and pestles. We also offer ProteaseArrest™, a complete range of protease Inhibitor cocktail solutions. PhosphataseArrest, for phosphatase sensitive protein extraction applications. Metal chelators (EDTA & EGTA), reducing agents, various salts (both monovalent and divalent), lytic enzymes, denaturing agents, proteomic detergents, and other additives for protein research.

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A complete lysis buffer for the release of cytoplasmic, membrane and nuclear proteins from adherent and suspension cultured mammalian cells. The RIPA lysis buffer is fully compatible with many applications, including reporter assays, protein assays, immunoassays and other protein purification techni..
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