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Fractionation and Enrichment Kits

The analysis of a proteome is often inhibited by the vast amount of proteins, with large abundant proteins inhibiting the signal of lower abundance and often more interesting proteins.  Researchers overcome this problem by using fractionation, however inconsistencies in techniques and buffers often result in a lack of reproducibility.
G-Biosciences offers a wide selection of fractionation kits for processing samples from cells, tissues, bacteria, yeast, plants, and other types of samples. A selection of sample preparation accessories and supplies are also available. The following kits, accessories, and supplies are suitable for the analysis of proteins using electrophoresis and other biochemical techniques.

The FOCUS line of products allow for the fractionation of a large selection of biological samples into a multitude of different fractions and these resulting fractions are compatible with 2D electrophoresis and subsequent protein identification techniques.

Samples that contain a large abundance of albumin, such as plasma and cerebrospinal fluid, tend to mask identification and discovery of other less abundant proteins in two dimensional gel electrophoresis and other studies. AlbuminOUT has been specifically developed for substantial removal of albumin from such samples.

We also offer a large variety of accessories to aid in protein fractionation and enrichment procedures.

Download the Protein Purification Handbook for a full list of related products

HOOK™ Cell Surface Protein Isolation kit uses G-Biosciences HOOK™ biotin labeling and purification technology in conjunction with our Mammalian Cell PE LB™ lysis buffer to conveniently label cell surface proteins and isolate them for further analysis, including Western blotting. ..
PhosphoQuant™ is specifically designed for quick and reliable determination of whether a purified protein is phosphorylated and the extent of phosphorylation. The assay is based on the alkaline hydrolysis of phosphates from seryl and threonyl residues in phosphoproteins and the subsequent quantifica..
The Nuclear & Cytoplasmic Extraction Kit is for the enrichment of cytoplasmic and nuclear fractions from cultured cells and tissues. The kit generates a cleaner separation of cytoplasmic proteins from nuclear proteins and is ideal for expression and transport studies.    This kit..
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