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Cresyl Violet Stains (1 Citations)

Cresyl Violet Stains are used to demonstrate Nissl substance in the nervous system, X chromatin, Helicobacter, mastocytes and cartilage granules. Neurons are visualized in purple and cell nuclei in blue.  Avaialble as a 0.1, 1 or 2% concentration

Uses and sample preparation:
Designed for research use only, it is not approved for human or animal use, or for clinical diagnosis.


  • Cresyl Violet 2%
  • Acetate Buffer Solution

Short procedure

  1. Deparaffinize sample and hydrate with distilled water
  2. Mix Cresyl Violet stain and Acetate Buffer Solution in a 1:1 Ratio
  3. Keep solution warm while staining
  4. Place sample slide in the final solution
  5. Rinse in distilled water
  6. Dehydrate quickly with graded ethanol, clear and coverslip

Staining characteristics:
Nissl substance in neurons can be visualized as purple and nuclei in blue

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