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Oil Red O Lipid Stain Kit

Oil Red O is a lysochrome diazo dye used for staining of neutral triglycerides and lipids on frozen sections and some lipoproteins on paraffin sections. The Oil Red O kit is used to demonstrate adipocites and neutral triglicerides. This is also useful to demonstrate adipogenesis. Fat cells and neutral fat will be coloured in red and the nuclei in blue.

Uses and sample preparation:
Oil Red O Lipid Stain  can be used in frozen tissue sections, fresh smears or touch preps. It is recommended the use of saline formalin or Baker’s fixative in order to maintain the phospholipids


  • Mayer’s hematoxylin
  • Absolute propylene glycol
  • 85% propylene glycol
  • Oil Red O Reagent

Short procedure

  1. Rinse slides with distilled water
  2. Place in absolute propylene glycol
  3. Place in Oil Red O solution
  4. Place in 85% propylene glycol
  5. Rinse in two changes of distilled water
  6. Place in Hematoxylin
  7. Rinse well with water
  8. Clear and coverslip

Staining characteristics:
Fat cells and neutral fat can be coloured in red and the nuclei in blue-purple

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