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2D Electrophoresis

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G-Biosciences offer a large selection of 2D gel electrophoresis (2DGE) and IEF optimized reagents for the crucial preparation of native protein samples. We provide 2DGE, two-dimensional gel electrophoresis, sample clean-up to ensure high-quality spot resolution. We offer mass spectrometry compatible protein stains for spot identification and proprietary InGel digestion kits for both Coomassie and Silver stained gels.

Proper preparation of protein samples for 2DGE is integral to the success of your experiment. We offer IEF and 2DGE optimized detergents such as 2-D Detergent™ Nonidet® P-40 Substitute and 2-D Detergent™ Triton® X-100  which contain reduced peroxides, carbonyl compounds and have less than 15µS conductivity. 

The IEF and 2DGE clean up kit, Perfect-FOCUS™, is optimized for the preparation of low conductivity protein samples which are free from detergents, salts, peptides, nucleic acids, lipids, phenols, and other small charged molecules.

Our 2DGE and mass spectrometry compatible FOCUS™ FASTsilver™ produces crystal clear backgrounds without inhibiting downstream proteolytic digestion required for mass spectrometry. 

A variety of additional 2DGE reagents such as FOCUS™ Extraction buffers, 2D-Xtract™, FOCUS™ Protein Reductant, FOCUS™ Protein Alkylation, FOCUS™ DTT, Proteomic grade water are specifically optimized to retain the native charge of your protein of interest. Convenient kits for reduction and alkylation of samples for enhanced protein spot resolution are also available.

G-Biosciences manufacture the 2DGE and IEF optimized FOCUSbrand reagents under strict quality control conditions to ensure the highest 2DGE performance.

Protein samples loaded on iso-electric focusing (IEF) gels should ideally have low conductivity and be free from agents known to interfere with net protein charge. Protein samples containing interfering agents, including ionic detergents, metal ions, salts, lipids, charged polysaccharides, peptides,..
1.5ml centrifuge tubes that are certified protein/dust free. Suitable for proteomic analysis and research. 100 tubes are supplied...
Proteomic Grade Water suitable for 2D electrophoresis and mass spectrometry analysis. Removes worries of protein and dust contamination and improves quality and reproducibility of 2D electrophoresis and mass spectrometry results.   Molecular Grade, Endotoxin-Free ..
Many commercial grade detergents contain elevated levels of sulfhydryl oxidizing agents, peroxides, salts and carbonyl compounds (Figure 1). The proteins that are isolated with these detergents are highly susceptible to contaminating peroxides and carbonyls. The peroxides will oxidize proteins and t..
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