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CNBr-Activated Agarose (Dry Form)

CNBr-Activated Agarose is pre-activated high capacity resin used for covalent coupling of antibodies and large protein molecules for affinity chromatography. 


Cyanogen bromide reacts with hydroxyl groups of resin to form cyanate esters which inturn reacts with primary amine ligands to form covalent bonds. G-Bioscience CNBr-Activated Agarose is produced by a method that predominantly produces cyanate estres with little or trace amounts of imidocarbonates.


CNBr-Activated Agarose coupling offers several advantages. It is simple, reproducible, offer multi-point attachment of many protein ligands that results in chemically stable resin for affinity chromatography. CNBr-Activated Agarose is ideal for coupling of enzymes, antibodies and other proteins as the coupling is done under very mild conditions.


A selection of other activated resin are available.


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  • Binding capacity: > 90 µmol cyanate ester/ml resin
  • 45-165µm particle size range
  • Spherical, highly cross-linked 6% agarose
  • Group to be coupled: -NH2
  • Chemical stability: Stable to all commonly used aqueous buffers. 
  • pH stability: ligand dependent, range – 2 to 11
  • 1 gm of dry resin swells to 4-5 ml.
  • Storage: 2- 8°C



CNBr-Activated Agarose is pre-activated high capacity resin used for covalent coupling of primary amine containing ligands for affinity chromatography.

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