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 A selection of spin columns and gravity-flow columns that are Empty columns, Disposable columns, Chromatography columns, Plastic columns and Centrifuge columns

Spin Column designed for protein purification using up to 700µl desalitng or affinity resins. The total volume of the column is 1.1ml, so a 400µl reservoir is available for qwashing and elution steps. The column features a screw cap, is polypropylene and has a 30µm hydrophilic poly..
These empty, plastic, disposable <0.1ml spin columns have an internal volume of 0.6ml and is designed for small scale purifications using 1.5 and 2ml centrifuge tubes. Ideal for resins volumes 5-100µl. The unique design includes a snap off stopper attached to the column (see figure). The..
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