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Recombinant Proteins

Offering over 2,000 recombinant proteins covering a broad collection of cytokines, enzymes, diagnostic and detection reagents, and other protein-related products. Our selection of recombinant proteins are from multiple species (human, mouse, rat, bacteria, rabbit, monkey yeast, guinea pig) and are produced in a variety of recombinant protein expression systems (human cells, E.coli, yeast and baculovirus).

The proteins are high quality (low endotoxin levels (>0.1ng/µg)), high purity, supplied in a variety of sizes (10µg, 50µg, 500µg and 1mg) and many are produced with specific protein tags for easy detection. Supplying proteins of high purity and low endotoxin level. All our products are carrier-free, making them the ultimate resource for your research.

The main categories of recombinant proteins offered are: