TOTAL Arrest™

TOTAL Arrest™

This product is being discontinued.

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The TOTALArrest™ RNA kit isolates total RNA from contaminating DNA, proteins and nucleases using our proprietary binding matrix, pinkRESIN™. The absence of phenol and chloroform extractions make the TOTALArrest™ RNA kit one of the safest methods for isolating and purifying high quality RNA.


The 60 minute protocol is simple; after homogenization, RNA is bound to pinkRESIN™ and washed. The protocol provides an option to remove contaminating DNA with a single DNase treatment. Finally, RNA is eluted from pinkRESIN™. The eluted RNA is ready for further applications, including Northern blots, dot blots, RNase protective assays or reverse transcription.


The kit is offered in two sizes, micro or medi, supplied with components sufficient for 50 preps (10 to 50 milligrams tissue per prep) or 10 preps (100 to 500 milligrams tissue per prep), respectively.


A brief overview of our 3 step protocol:

1. Arrest™ Extraction Buffer lyses samples, instantly destroying RNase activity.

2. pinkRESIN™ captures RNA.

3. After a brief washing step, pure, protein-free RNA is eluted.




  • Strong chaotropic buffer: rapidly releases RNA and inhibits destructive RNases
  • High affinity RNA binding matrix: captures RNA
  • Optional DNase treatment



  • Extraction and purification of protein and DNA free RNA
  • Compatible with numerous species and tissues: animal and plant tissues, cultured cells, blood and bacteria



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Catalog Description Size Price(USD) Qty
Total Arrest™ RNA (Micro) 50 Preps
Total Arrest™ RNA (Medi) 10 Preps