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CytoScan™ SRB Cytotoxicity Assay

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  • CytoScan™ SRB Cytotoxicity Assay

  • 1000 assays
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  • Protocol, Manual or Handbook MSDS, Material safety data sheet

CytoScan™-SRB Cytotoxicity Assay is an accurate and reproducible assay based upon the quantitative staining of cellular proteins by sulforhodamine B (SRB).

This assay has been used for high-throughput drug screening at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) (1). Sulforhodamine B is an anionic aminoxanthene dye that forms an electrostatic complex with the basic amino acid residues of proteins under moderately acid conditions, which provides a sensitive linear response. The color development is rapid and stable and is readily measured at absorbances between 560 and 580nm. The kit components are sufficient for performing up to 1000 assays.

    • Measures total biomass by staining cellular proteins.
    • Linear response.
    • Simple, accurate and reproducible assay.















    • For the detection of cell toxicity, death, viability or proliferation.
    • Ideal for high throughput screening.

















ISO 9001:2008 Certified

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