Electrophoresis Related Buffers & Chemicals

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Buffers & Chemicals for 1D and 2D Protein Electrophoresis and Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis

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Features CAS #: 79-06-1 Chemical Formula: C3H5NO Molecular Weight: 71.08   ..

Acrylamide Solution, 40%

Features Synonym: 2-Propenamide CAS Number: 79-06-1 Linear Formula: C3H5NO Molecular Weight: 71.08 ..

Acrylamide/ Bisacrylamide (37.5:1); 40% Solution

Features 40% Solution, 38.96% solution containing acrylamide (40%) and bisacrylamide (1.04%) for cross-linker ratio of 37.5:1 Acrylamide CAS #: 79-06-1 Acrylamide synonym: 2-Propenamide..

Acrylamide/ Bisacrylamide (37.5:1); Premixed Powder

Features Premixed acrylamide and bisacrylamide at a ratio of 37.5:1 Acrylamide CAS #: 79-06-1 Acrylamide synonym: 2-Propenamide Acrylamide chemical formula: C3H5NO Acrylamide ..

Agarose Sealing Solution

Simply heat and use for sealing the IPG strips for SDS-PAGE analysis. The Agarose Sealing Solution is prepared in a proprietary buffer to minimize reoxidation of the competing thiol pairs as proteins ..

Ammonium Persulfate Powder

Features Synonym: Ammonium peroxodisulfate CAS#: 7727-54-0 Molecular Formula: H8N2O8S2 Molecular Weight: 228.20  ..

Ammonium Persulfate; 150mg tablets

Features Synonym: Ammonium peroxydisulfate CAS Number: 7727-54-0 Linear Formula: (NH4)2S2O8 Molecular Weight: 228.18 ..

Bis (N,N’-methylenebisacrylamide) Solution, 2%

Features Synonym: Bisacrylamide CAS #: 110-26-9 Chemical formula: C7H10N2O2 Molecular weight: 154.17 ..

Coomassie Brilliant Blue Destaining Solution

Features Destaining Solution contains DI Water <90%, Glacial acetic acid <10%, and Methanol <15% Other Coomassie Brilliant Blue products available here ..

Ethidium Bromide Solution

Two concentrations of ethidium bromide solutions are offered, a 0.625 and 10mg/ml solution.  Features Synonym: Homidium Bromide CAS#: 1239-45-8 Molecular Formula: C21H20BrN3 ..


Features Synonym: Formic amide CAS#: 75-12-7 Molecular Formula: CH3NO Molecular Weight: 45.04 ..


Features Synonym: TMEDA CAS#: 110-18-9 Molecular Formula: C6H16N2 Molecular Weight: 116.24 ..