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A selection of accessories for mass spectrometry applications

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Following in gel digestion of proteins with proteases, the addition of Pep-Extract™ rapidly elutes digested peptides in under 20 minutes.  The eluted peptides can be used directly in mass s..


A highly efficient destaining solution to remove interfering silver ions from gel pieces.  Gel spots can be destained in a little as 10 minutes.  Fully compatible with downstream processes, ..

Water, Proteomic Grade

Proteomic Grade Water suitable for 2D electrophoresis and mass spectrometry analysis. Removes worries of protien and dust contamination and improves quality and reproducibility of 2D..


Blue-OUT™ is a unique product that washes the interfering Coomassie and fluorescent protein stains from gel pieces prior to their treatment for protein sequencing or mass spectrometry.  ..

DetergentOUT™ GBS10

Detergents are essential for protein solubility during protein extraction and sample preparation, especially when working with hydrophobic proteins. The presence of high concentrations of detergents i..


Protein-OUT™ is a unique washing solution that cleans plastic and glassware used in the proteolytic digestion and peptide isolation for mass spectrometry analysis.  The rinsing of plastic a..

Proteomic Grade Microfuge Tubes

1.5ml centrifuge tubes that are certified protein/dust free. Suitable for proteomic analysis and research. 100 tubes are supplied...

Trypsin Digestion Mix

The Trypsin Digestion Mix provides optimal buffered conditions for in gel trypsin digestion of proteins.  Suitable for 100 protein spots.   ..