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Who we are?

G-Biosciences  is an ISO 9001:2015 certified and cGMP compliant life sciences company with considerable and practical experience in high-quality manufacturing.

For over 20 years, we have manufactured an extensive range of life science products from research and pharma grade waters to complex multiple-component assays and kits.  Our products are are used by scientists in research, education, diagnostics, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies around the globe. The quality of our products is acknowledged by citations, over 25,000 and growing! 

Outsourcing to G-Biosciences will help you achieve your manufacturing goals efficiently, allowing you to focus on strategic priorities.


What are our expertise?

With over 2,000 proprietary products and multiple patents, G-Biosciences expertise are wide ranging as we manufacture everything from simple buffers at convenient concentrations and sizes to custom engineered devices, such as Tube-O-Dialyzer, that enhance and simplify key techniques.  

As a ISO9001:2015 certified facility, our quality systems and understanding of the regulatory landscape ensures that your product meets required standards. 

What we offer?

Why Outsource?

  • Lower your capital investment
  • Keep costs manageable.
  • Access to experience staff
  • Meet regulatory compliance

Outsourcing to G-Biosciences helps you achieve your goals faster and accelerate technology transfers into routine manufacturing. Leveraging our core competencies keeps your human resource expenses low.  Allow you staff to focus more on strategic priorities.

Complementary Expertise

We can provide process capabilities, equipment and QC procedures that your organization may lack. We offer private label services around our full range of reagent manufacturing capabilities performed by highly trained professionals in ISO 9001:2015 and cGMP compliant environment.

Retain Your Expertise

Outsourcing routine production to us allows your staff to be redirected back towards more strategic priorities and product innovations

Reduce Production Times

Our turnkey Custom Contract Manufacturing services can mean quicker time to market with the additional benefit of alleviating any capacity issues.  We offer a large array of packaging formats and can tailor these to your specifications. 

We are a trusted partner for life science, biotech and diagnostic companies for their custom and contract manufacturing, whether its producing simple bottles of reagents and buffers to multi component kits.