Protein Detection & Analysis Systems

G-Biosciences offers a wide selection of Chemiluminescence, Chromogenic and Antibody based detection systems for Western blotting, ELISA, Dot Blot and Arrays.  A variety of reagents, buffers, kits and systems are available to ensure high sensitivity protein detection with minimal interference and background.  In addition to numerous blocking, washing and detection reagents, we offer a number of unique products to save time and money, including SWIFT™ transfer pads that reduce transfer times and Western ReProbe™ for stripping and reprobing Western blots.

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Protein solutions are used for blocking excess binding sites in ELISA, blotting, immunohistochemistry and other immunochemical applications. Each blocking solution will impart certain characteristics ..

BLOK™ Casein

Convenient ready-to-use blocking solutions for Western blots, dot Blots & ELISA  Features 1% Casein (w/v) solution for blocking Westerns, ELISA and dot Blots Ready-to-use Avai..


A unique stain for reversibly staining protein on nitrocellulose and PVDF transfer membranes.   BLOT-FastStain™ only stains protein and leaves the background absolutely untouched and bril..


Enhancer™ allows for the rapid application of up to 384 protein or nucleic acid samples on to a 12 x 9cm membrane for subsequent analysis. Samples are applied to a nitrocellulose or nylon mem..


femtoCHROMO™ AP kit is supplied with a single step chromogenic substrate for the rapid development of protein bands with low background staining. To ensure low background staining, each kit..


femtoCHROMO™-HRP kit is supplied with a single step chromogenic substrate for the rapid development of protein bands with low background staining.  To ensure low background staining, each k..

Glycoprotein Staining Kit

For the highly sensitive detection of glycoproteins following gel electrophoresis (Figure 1) or protein transfer to nitrocellulose membranes (Figure 2).   The kit uses an enhanced Periodic Acid..

High Molecular Weight Transfer Buffer [5X]

Based on Efficient™ Western Transfer Buffer, the High Molecular Weight Transfer buffer is designed to facilitate the transfer of notoriously difficult high molecular weight proteins (>70kDa) during..

Microplate Sealing Tape

The Microplate Sealing Tape is clear, self-sticking tape for standard microplates.  Suitable for both 96-well and 384-well plates. The precut, pressure-senstive tape seals and reseals the surfac..

NAP (Non Animal Protein)-BLOCKER™

A major drawback of current blocking solutions, such as BSA, casein and milk powder, is that they are derived from animal sources. The presence of animal proteins can often lead to high non-specific b..

PVDF Membrane for Western Blotting

 Our PVDF (polyvinylidene) membranes are pre-cut membranes for Western transfers, or Western blotting.  The PVDF membranes bind biomolecules, including proteins, through hydrophobic interact..

Streptavidin, recombinant

Recombinant streptavidin from streptomyces avidinii, produced in E.coli. Biotin, a 244Da vitamin (Vitamin H) molecule, exhibits an extraordinary binding affinity for streptavidin (Ka=1015M-1). Biotin..