Protein Assay Accessories

For researchers’ convenience, G-Biosciences offers a wide selection of accessories and supplies for protein estimation assays.

Bovine Serum Albumin Standards (BSA standards) are available prepared in saline buffer or in an easy-to-use prediluted format for faster protein quantification. Bovine γ-Globulin Protein Standards (γ-Globulin standards) are also available in these two convenient formats.

Protein Assay Tubes are offered for proper mixing and good color development. Spectrophotometer Assay Cuvettes are also available.

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Assay Tubes

Wide bottomed protein assay tubes, 2ml reaction volumes. Allows proper mixing of assay reaction and good color development...


The Neutralizer™ is a unique chemical that sequesters ionic detergents, including SDS, allow the solution to be compatible with the RED 660 Protein Assay.  The Neutralizer™ can also b..

Non Animal Protein Standards

G-Biosciences Non Animal Protein Standards are protein standards for use in protein estimations that are generated from non-animal proteins.   The prediluted Non Animal Protein Standards are re..

Assay Cuvettes

Spectrophotometer assay cuvettes, 1ml reaction volume, not suitable for UV absorbances. Available as 1 box of 100 cuvettes or a pack of 5 x 100 cuvettes. ..

Bovine Serum Albumin Standards

We offer two options for the BSA protein standards:   Bovine Serum Albumin Standard BSA standard (2mg/ml) prepared in saline buffer. Supplied as 2 x 5ml size.   Prediluted BSA P..

Bovine y-Globulin Standards

We offer two opitions for the Bovine γ-globulin standards:   Bovine γ-Globulin Standard γ-Globulin standard (2mg/ml) prepared in saline buffer. Supplied as 2 x 5ml size...