Protein Assay Accessories

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For researchers’ convenience, G-Biosciences offers a wide selection of accessories and supplies for protein estimation assays.

Bovine Serum Albumin Standards (BSA standards) are available prepared in saline buffer or in an easy-to-use prediluted format for faster protein quantification. Bovine γ-Globulin Protein Standards (γ-Globulin standards) are also available in these two convenient formats.

Protein Assay Tubes are offered for proper mixing and good color development. Spectrophotometer Assay Cuvettes are also available.

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Assay Tubes

Wide bottomed protein assay tubes, 2ml reaction volumes. Allows proper mixing of assay reaction and good color development...

Assay Cuvettes

Spectrophotometer assay cuvettes, 1ml reaction volume, not suitable for UV absorbances. Available as 1 box of 100 cuvettes or a pack of 5 x 100 cuvettes. ..

Bovine Serum Albumin Standards

We offer two options for the BSA protein standards:   Bovine Serum Albumin Standard BSA standard (2mg/ml) prepared in saline buffer. Supplied as 2 x 5ml size.   Prediluted BSA P..

Bovine y-Globulin Standards

We offer two opitions for the Bovine γ-globulin standards:   Bovine γ-Globulin Standard γ-Globulin standard (2mg/ml) prepared in saline buffer. Supplied as 2 x 5ml size...


The Neutralizer™ is a unique chemical that sequesters ionic detergents, including SDS, allow the solution to be compatible with the RED 660 Protein Assay.  The Neutralizer™ can also b..

Non Animal Protein Standards

G-Biosciences Non Animal Protein Standards are protein standards for use in protein estimations that are generated from non-animal proteins.   The prediluted Non Animal Protein Standards ar..