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Phospho-Specific Antibodies

Protein Phosphorylation involves the addition of phosphate groups to proteins, most commonly serine (S), threonine (T) or tyrosine (Y) residue by a kinase and is essential for pathway activation in cellular regulation, cell signaling and growth. Our catalog offers a large and diverse set of phospho specific antibodies that detect phosphorylated targets with great precision. These phospho-specific antibodies can be used in Western blot, flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence microscopy.


We appreciate your business and are committed to providing the highest level of quality and service. Our antibodies are guaranteed to work in the application and species listed on our website and in our datasheets. In the case of an antibody not working, our technical department will work with you to troubleshoot the issue. If this process is unsuccessful, G-Biosciences will provide you a free replacement or a 100% refund for the phospho antibodies. Our policy is valid for one year from the date of your purchase, unless otherwise stated in the product datasheet.