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MegaLong™ Genomic DNA Purification Kit

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MegaLong™ isolates nuclei under mild extraction conditions and releases genomic DNA by digestion of nuclear proteins with a highly active LongLife™ Proteinase K. The digestion is performed in the Tube-O-DIALYZER™ a unique, patented micro dialysis device with a 0.45µm membrane, which minimizes sample manipulation which is one of the main reasons for DNA breakage. After digestion the Tube-O-DIALYZER™ is inverted to dialyze away digested protein and other impurities leaving behind highly pure and fully hydrated genomic DNA. 

Gene/Protein: provides an interactive version of this protocol where you can discover and share optimizations with the research community.    The majority of genomic DNA extraction methods involve numerous physical manipulations, including mixing, pipetting, shaking, binding to resin,..
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