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The following supplies are used in agarose gel electrophoresis.  Products include reagents for preparation of gels, running agarose gels and staining gels.   Agarose: A low melt agarose for casting gels. Supplied in a convenient 50gm size.   TAE Buffer: A concentrated 50 times (..
LB Broth & LB Agar The bacterial growth media available are LB (Luria and Bertani); both as liquid and solid media for making solid growth matrices and bacterial plates, such as Petri Dishes.  The LB media supplies all the nutrients required for bacterial growth.  LB Broth is for liq..
The following section includes the reagents used in the Immunotechnology section.    BE Antibody 4 (HRP Secondary): A goat anti-rabbit IgG secondary antibody labeled with the horseradish peroxidase (HRP) enzyme.   HRP Substrate: A colorimetric substrate for detecting the HRP lab..
The Polymerase Chain Reaction, or PCR, is routinely used for teaching amplification of tiny amounts of DNA, or genes.  PCR grade reagents are offered in stabilized or dry forms for greater stability and convenience of use in educational setting:   Taq DNA polymerase: A thermostable DNA p..
Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE) is regularly used in protein research to separate a mixture of proteins by their molecular weight.  Protein electrophoresis uses polyacrylamide gels that are made, or cast, from a mixture of acrylamide and bisacrylamide that is cross-linked by the actio..
Prepacked purification columns for purification are available in packs of 5. The columns available are the anionic chromatography columns, hydrophobic columns, size exclusion (gel filtration) columns...
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