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Purification Resin Synthesis & Production

G-Biosciences manufactures all its own resin and we'd be happy for our experts to manufacture to your requirements. Our expertise in resin production and biomolecule conjugation allow us to quickly generate custom resins.

Our scientist essentially use a 2 step process for generating custom resins.  The first step is to activate a base resin, typically agarose, to add a reactive group for coupling.  Some of the active groups/coupling chemistry we use are:

  • Sodium metaperiodate oxidation through aldehyde groups
  • Cyanogen bromide activation
  • CDI (1,1’-carbonyl diimidazole) to form reactive imidazole carbamates.
  • DVS (Divinyl sulfone) activation to react with hydroxyl groups (Read more)
  • Epoxide activation (Read more)

The appropriate activated resin is then selected for stage 2, where the ligand or hapten of choice is covalently coupled to the resin.

Case Study: Custom purification resin production for leading service provider

The Project

A leading biotechnology company focused on protein purification of both its portfolio proteins and enzymes and custom service protein purification required specialized resins for the purification of proteins.  The company wished to remain focused on the actual purification processes and not the production of new resins.

Our Support

Our product development team has expertise in resin production and coupling chemistry.


After an initial product consultation, our product development team used their expertise to produce the required resin and as a result has received numerous request for custom resins from the same biotechnology company.

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