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Phosphatase Assays & Accessories

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We offer a phosphatase assay for the quantification of phosphatases and three phosphatase inhibitor cocktails to inhibit phosphatases and for phosphatase studies.

The Phosphatase Assay kit is designed to measure the activity of phosphatases in biological samples and to screen for agonists and inhibitors of phosphatases.   The Phosphatase Assay kit uses para-nitrophenyl phosphate (pNPP), a chromogenic substrate for most phosphatases, including alkaline ..
PhosphoQuant™ is specifically designed for quick and reliable determination of whether a purified protein is phosphorylated and the extent of phosphorylation. The assay is based on the alkaline hydrolysis of phosphates from seryl and threonyl residues in phosphoproteins and the subsequent quantifica..
The PhosphataseArrest™ phosphatase inhibitor cocktails are 100X concentrated, ready-to-use solutions that are simply added to your extraction buffers or samples. PhosphataseArrest™ is ideal for inhibition in tissue extractions and cell lysis experiments and is compatible with most common..
 G-Biosciences Protease-Phosphatase Arrest provides full protection of protein samples from proteases and phosphatases released during the preparation of cell and tissue lysates. Our Protease-PhosphataseArrest™ contains both irreversible and reversible protease inhibitors to inhibit serin..
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