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Alkylating Reagents

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The alkylation of protein thiol groups protects reduced thiols from forming, or reforming after reduction, disulfide bonds or bridges.  A selection of alkylation reagents are offered.

4-Vinylpyridine is used as a derivatizing reagent for free thiols such as GSH. It is used in the Glutathione colorimetric assay to remove reduced GSH, so that the oxidized Glutathione (GSSG) concentration can be measured. 4-Vinylpyridine is a better derivatizing reagent for GSH when compared to N-et..
A proteomic grade iodoacetamide in two different quantities. Iodoacetamide is supplied in 5gm bulk quantities or in the OneQuant™ format.   OneQuant™ Iodoacetamide OneQuant™ iodoacetamide are single aliquots of iodoacetamide that eliminate the need for weighing, preventing ..
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