General Biotechnology

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Our Bioscience Excellence General Biotechnology Kits are simple, self contained, school level kits designed to introduce students to some of the simple concepts of modern biotechnology.  Students will learn about DNA, genes, proteins, enzymes and bacteria.

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Biotechnology in Your Mouth

The subjects of life sciences and biotechnology allow students to learn about the fundamental building blocks of life, including their proteins. In addition, biotechnology teaches us how scientists ma..

DNA Fingerprinting

Today’s media routinely covers forensic stories of criminals captured and innocents released using the powerful DNA fingerprinting technique. This kit allows students to carry out their own crim..

DNA Strands Revealed

One of the most important molecules in an organism is its genomic DNA.  Genomic DNA is found in every cell of an organism and carries all the necessary information required to make that organism...

How Clean Is Our Water

Water pollution is a major problem throughout the world, raising severe concerns about health and sanitization issues.  A common problem in polluted water is the presence of bacteria, particularl..

Microorganisms In Our Environment

Microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi, are all around us. This kit allows students to collect samples from the world around them and grow the microorganisms so that students can visualize the mic..

My Genes: The Blueprint of Life

The key biotechnology molecule that has probably had the most media coverage is DNA (also referred to as genes and genomes) that supplies the blueprint for each individual.  To grip your students..

Unlocking the Mysteries of Genetic Material

Molecular biology and genetic engineering are important skills used in the scientific world that allow for the modification and manipulation of DNA to generate proteins that have been used as drugs or..