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Miscellaneous Biotechniques

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Our Bioscience Excellence Miscellaneous Biotechniques Kits cover a selection of widely used techniques that are commonly employed in today's research laboratories.  These techniques include an introduction to fatty acids, lipids and membranes, electroelution of DNA, RNA or protein, microdialysis, protein labeling and cross-linking, and RNA isolation.   

Dialysis is a routinely used technique in research laboratories to “change” the solution a biomolecule is dissolved in. Often the buffers used to isolate biomolecules, such as proteins, are not compatible with downstream applications due to high concentrations of reagents, such as s..
Nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) and proteins are routinely resolved by electrophoresis, which separates molecules based on size and/or charge. Following electrophoresis, the molecules need to be extracted from the electrophoresis medium for use in downstream applications and experiments. Electroelu..
Membranes play a crucial role in cells by enclosing specific compartments and regulating the entry and exit of metabolites and other crucial components in and out of a cell.  They also play a key role in signaling from plasma membrane receptors to the cell nucleus.     The key ..
A single protein molecule rarely carries out its role in the body on its own. Many proteins and cofactors are often involved and act as regulators, activators or inhibitors of the protein’s function. Researchers are constantly on the hunt for biomolecules that interact with their pro..
Protein labeling is an important technique that allows researchers to study a protein’s location, movement and interactions within a living cell.  The most common labels used are fluorescent labels that allow researchers to study proteins with fluorescent microscopy techniques. Fluor..
RNA isolation is an important tool in understanding gene and protein expression regulation. The RNA Isolation kit is a safe RNA isolation kit as it does not utilize toxic phenol or chloroform. Each kit is provided with an extraction buffer for the lysis of biological samples and inhibition of RNase,..
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