Protein Electrophoresis

A major tool in the analysis of a species' proteome is the ability to separate and visualize the proteins by electrophoresis, 1D or 2D, and then the subsequent visualization of the proteins. Electrophoresis is a quick, simple and sensitive tool for separating proteins and nucleic acids by size and/or electrical charge. G-Biosciences offers a wide selection of electrophoresis kits, reagents and accessories. The G-Biosciences’ electrophoresis range extends from sample preparation for electrophoresis to running the protein samples by 1D and 2D electrophoresis.
G-Biosciences has also developed a wide selection of electrophoresis gel stains for visualizing proteins that vary in sensitivity, staining time and reversibility.
A wide selection of buffers and chemicals for gel casting and electrophoresis are also available.

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Features CAS #: 79-06-1 Chemical Formula: C3H5NO Molecular Weight: 71.08   ..

Agarose Sealing Solution

Simply heat and use for sealing the IPG strips for SDS-PAGE analysis. The Agarose Sealing Solution is prepared in a proprietary buffer to minimize reoxidation of the competing thiol pairs as proteins ..

Ammonium Acetate

Features CAS#: 631-61-8 Molecular Formula: C2H3O2NH4 Molecular Weight: 77.08 ..


Blue-OUT™ is a unique product that washes the interfering Coomassie and fluorescent protein stains from gel pieces prior to their treatment for protein sequencing or mass spectrometry.   ..

Equilibration Buffer for IPG Strips

Add an appropriate volume of the supplied rehydration buffer to the dry, ready-to-use, urea based equilibration buffer.   Eliminates worries about urea induced protein carbamylation or waste of..

FOCUS™ Protein Alkylation

The kit is supplied with a proprietary buffer necessary for efficient alkylation of thiols, while minimizing reoxidation of the competing thiol pairs in protein samples. Simply add an appropriate amou..

FOCUS™ Protein Reduction-Alkylation Kit

The FOCUS™ Reduction-Alkylation kit offers a simple two-step method for reduction and alkylation of protein samples for 2D gel analysis.   The disulfide bonds are reduced with a highly re..

Mini 300 Power Supply

The Mini 300 power supply is capable of providing constant voltage or constant current in 1V or 1mA steps, the unit is perfectly suited to run both vertical polyacrylamide or horizontal agarose gel el..

SDS Detection & Estimation Reagent Kit

A reagent kit for detection and estimation of SDS in a sample. Mix the test sample in the extraction buffer reagents provided with the kit. If SDS is present in the sample, a blue color is extracted t..

Water, Proteomic Grade

Proteomic Grade Water suitable for 2D electrophoresis and mass spectrometry analysis. Removes worries of protien and dust contamination and improves quality and reproducibility of 2D..


High quality proteomic grade β-mercaptoethanol.   β-mercaptoethanol, a popular reducing agent, is offered in 5ml and 100ml bottles.   Features Synonym: &be..

2D-Detergent™ Nonidet® P-40 Substitute

Many commercial grade detergents contain elevated levels of sulfhydryl oxidizing agents, peroxides, salts and carbonyl compounds (Figure 1). The proteins that are isolated with these detergents are hi..