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Protein Electrophoresis

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Protein gel electrophoresis is a technique used to separate and visualize proteins based on their size and charge. 1D and 2D gel protein electrophoresis is an invaluable tool for the modern biologist and G-Biosciences provide a full range of products to help achieve the results you need.

A wide variety of sample preparation reagents for 1D and 2D protein gel electrophoresis are available from G-Biosciences. PAGE-Perfect™ is a simple method for removing contaminants and improving resolution for your publication quality gels. Immobilized Reductant is an excellent way to remove reducing agents from your protein preps and improve your downstream results. To remove salts, detergents and other buffering agents we provide PAGE-Optimizer™, a spin column for the preparation of samples for SDS-PAGE.

Two reliable protein standards are available from G-Biosciences.  PAGEmark™ Blue Plus is a 12 protein prestained  ladder with a molecular weight range from 10-240kDa (in Tris-Glycine buffer) and 9-235kDa (in MOPS or MEPS buffer).  PAGEmark™ Tricolor Plus is a three color, 12 protein standard that has a molecular weight range of 5-245kDa  (in Tris-Glycine buffer) or 3.5-235kDa (in MOPS or MEPS buffer). 

Also available are a wide range of gel stains and destains to insure the best visualization of your gel protein electrophoresis. We offer Coomasie Brilliant BlueRAPIDstain™Reversible Copper Stain™, and several other stains optimized for every downstream application.

Our partners for benchtop equipment, BTLabs provide gel electrophoresis boxes, power supplies, dry bath incubators and wide range of buffers and chemicals for your electrophoresis needs.

Our 2D protein gel electrophoresis products are optimized for isoelectric focusing (IEF) and 2D electrophoresis. 2D detergents such as 2-D Detergent™ Triton®X-100 and 2-D Detergent™ Nonidet® P-40 Substitute contain reduced levels of sulfhydryl oxidizing agents, peroxides, salts and carbonyl compounds. Reducing these agents makes the protein less susceptible to oxidation and the formation of Schiff’s bases which interfere with a protein’s native structure.

For more information on protein gel electrophoresis refer to the Proteinman’s Blog and download our free Protein Electrophoresis Handbook.


A suitable protein solubilization buffer for 2D analysis must solubilize proteins effectively, without disturbing the native charge of the proteins. Urea based solubilization buffers solubilize proteins effectively, however can modify the native charge of the proteins, due to carbamylation. Ure..
Features CAS #: 79-06-1 Chemical Formula: C3H5NO Molecular Weight: 71.08   ..
Simply heat and use for sealing the IPG strips for SDS-PAGE analysis. The Agarose Sealing Solution is prepared in a proprietary buffer to minimize reoxidation of the competing thiol pairs as proteins enter into the second dimension gel. Improves resolution and prevents streaking of protein spots on ..
1,4 Dithiothreitol (DTT) is a small molecule reducing agent, also known as Cleland’s reagent. G-Biosciences DTT is a high quality proteomic grade DTT and is supplied in various sizes, including a OneQuant™ version. The OneQuant™ format features 40 vials of 7.7mg DTT for conven..
Add an appropriate volume of the supplied rehydration buffer to the dry, ready-to-use, urea based equilibration buffer.   Eliminates worries about urea induced protein carbamylation or waste of unused reagents, as fresh and ready-to-use reagents are prepared every time.   The Equilibra..
For those who prefer DTT as a reducing agent, we offer ultra pure proteomic grade DTT for protein reduction. FOCUS™ DTT is supplied as 5 vials containing dry powder to maintain the activity of the reducing agent. Reconstitute in 0.8ml proteomic grade water for a final volume of 1ml at 2M ..
The kit is supplied with a proprietary buffer necessary for efficient alkylation of thiols, while minimizing reoxidation of the competing thiol pairs in protein samples. Simply add an appropriate amount to reagent solutions for alkylation of protein thiol groups.  Features  Pro..
A water soluble, odorless, non-toxic and stable TCEP [Tris (2-carboxyethyl) phosphine] reductant for protein reduction.   FOCUS™ Protein Reductant has improved stability and efficiency compared to DTT and reduces proteins over a wide range of pH, including lower acidic pH. FOCUS™ ..
The FOCUS™ Reduction-Alkylation kit offers a simple two-step method for reduction and alkylation of protein samples for 2D gel analysis.   The disulfide bonds are reduced with a highly reactive and stable TCEP [Tris (2-carboxyethyl) phosphine] followed by blocking of the thiols by alkyl..
Spray and Wipe; Specifically Formulated For Electrophoresis Gel Plates   Clean your electrophoresis plates with GELPLATE-clean™ and prevent poor electrophoretic band migration, band distortions, and poor image development. Simply spray and wipe clean your electrophoresis plates with GEL..
A proteomic grade iodoacetamide in two different quantities. Iodoacetamide is supplied in 5gm bulk quantities or in the OneQuant™ format.   OneQuant™ Iodoacetamide OneQuant™ iodoacetamide are single aliquots of iodoacetamide that eliminate the need for weighing, preventing ..
LDS Sample Loading Buffer [4X] is used to prepare protein samples for SDS polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis.   Features Alkaline pH (pH 8.4) for optimal conditions for denaturation and reduction of disulfide bonds 4X concentrated allows for larger sample loading It has Lithium Dodecyl S..
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