Yeast Research Tools

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G-Biosciences offers a large selection of products specifically designed for yeast research.


Our Yeast Proteome Kits are available to solubilize the membrane and soluble proteins from yeast. For rapid single step yeast transformation in under a minute our Fast Yeast Transformation Kit is highly efficient. Longlife Zymolyase®, a highly stable and ready-to-use yeast lytic enzyme is also available. We have yeast products for genomic DNA extraction as well as yeast quality DNase and RNase free solutions.

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EZ Yeast™ Plasmid Prep

The EZ Yeast™ Plasmid Prep kit is designed for the rapid isolation of 2μ plasmids from yeast patches or yeast grown in small liquid cultures. The kit is adapted from the alkaline lysis of E. ..

Fast Yeast Transformation™

Fast Yeast Transformation™ kit is a rapid single step yeast transformation kit that takes less than 10 minutes to prepare competent yeast cells. The competent yeast cells can be used immediately..

LongLife™ Zymolyase®

Enzymes regularly used in laboratory applications often require preparation of fresh solution before each use. Making fresh enzyme solution for each application is time consuming and wasteful. G-Biosc..

Yeast Geno-DNA-Template™

The Yeast Geno-DNA-Template™ extraction kit isolates high quality genomic DNA from yeast. The kit is based on a two-step lysis of yeast cells, using LongLife™ Zymolyase® and LongLife&t..