Protein Gel Stains

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A selection of products for staining proteins in electrophoresis gels.

A major tool in the analysis of a species' proteome is the ability to separate and visualize the proteins by electrophoresis, 1D or 2D, and then the subsequent visualization of the proteins. G-Biosciences has developed a wide selection of electrophoresis gel stains for visualizing proteins that vary in sensitivity, staining time and reversibility.

A guide to aid in selecting the best stain for your research, "How To Select A Protein Gel Stain" is available in the technical literature.

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Blue-OUT™ is a unique product that washes the interfering Coomassie and fluorescent protein stains from gel pieces prior to their treatment for protein sequencing or mass spectrometry.  ..

Colloidal Blue Stain

G-Biosciences Colloidal Blue Stain is a mass spectrometry compatible stain that offers nanogram sensitive detection of proteins. The stain offers ten times more sensitivity compared to classical Cooma..

Coomassie Brilliant Blue

Coomassie Brilliant Blue R-250/ G-250 are both offered as dry powder form and convenient ready-to-use solutions. Destaining solutions are also offered.   Coomassie Brilliant Blue G-250 Dye ..


FASTSilver™ is one of the most rapid and sensitive methods for detecting proteins and nucleic acids fractionated by PAGE. Staining is 100 times more sensitive than Coomassie Blue protein stainin..

FOCUS™ FASTsilver™

FOCUS™ FASTsilver™ produces crystal clear backgrounds and maximal peptide recovery needed for critical analysis by mass spectrometry.   For mass spectrometry analysis, complete ..

Glycoprotein Staining Kit

For the highly sensitive detection of glycoproteins following gel electrophoresis (Figure 1) or protein transfer to nitrocellulose membranes (Figure 2).   The kit uses an enhanced Periodic ..

LabSafe GEL Blue™

LabSafe GEL Blue™ is an enhanced protein stain based on Coomassie dye that offers unsurpassed sensitivity and rapid band visualization. LabSafe GEL Blue™ is supplied in a ready-to-use form..


An ultra sensitive and ready-to-use protein stain based on Coomassie dye. No mixing or preparation is involved. No fixation step is needed. Simply rinse gel, add RAPIDstain™ and protein bands de..

Reversible Copper Stain™

The Reversible Copper Stain™ is a single step stain for rapid detection of proteins resolved on SDS-PAGE. No destaining is necessary.   The stain is based on the interaction of co..

Reversible Zinc Stain™

The Reversible Zinc Stain™ is a single step stain for the rapid detection of proteins resolved by SDS-PAGE. No destaining is necessary.   The stain is based on the interaction of ..

RUBEO™ Fluorescent Protein Gel Stain

RUBEO™ is a fluorescent protein stain that is ideal for staining proteins in 1D and 2D electrophoresis gels. The fluorescent stain has a red emission at 605nm. The fluorescent stain has nanogram..

SDS-PAGE Gel Fixing Solution

The fixing of proteins in polyacrylamide gels prevents the diffusion of the proteins, thus keeping protein bands sharp and correctly resolved, and washes away running buffer components that may interf..