Purification & Chromatography

We offer a large selection of products for protein purification and chromatography.

Protein Purification STRATEGY™ consists of numerous fractionation and chromatography techniques including pH fractionation, salt fractionation, hydrophobic chromatography, anionic chromatography, and cationic chromatography to aid researchers in developing suitable purification systems for specific and novel proteins.

Our G-Capsule is an easy-to-use device for the rapid electroelution of nucleic acids and proteins that excises DNA or protein bands and elutes your sample in a final volume of ~30µl with as high as 90% protein recovery.  

We offer many products to aid in affinity chromatography for the separation & purification of affinity tagged proteins & antibodies. Immobilized Protein A is available for the purification of immunoglobulin (ig) molecules and Immobilized Protein G is offered for the purification of antibodies through the constant IG domains. Our nickel chelating resin is an immobilized metal affinity chromatography (IMAC) resin that utilizes nickel for the purification of 6x histidine tagged proteins.

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Amine Magnetic Beads

G-Biosciences’ Amine Magnetic Beads are 1µm, uniform magnetic beads with an amine (-NH2) surface functional group. The magnetic beads consist of a single-crystal Fe3O4 sphere core and..

Calmodulin Resin

Calmodulin Resin for the affinity purification of calmodulin binding proteins (CBP), including recombinant proteins with a CBP tag and calmodulin-regulated proteins in eukaryotic cells. The resin is 4..

Carbohydrate Coupling Resin

The Carbohydrate Coupling Resin is designed for the simple and efficient coupling of glycoproteins to a solid agarose support through oxidized sugar groups.  the coupling is through the hydrazide..

Carboxyl Immobilization Kit

G-Biosciences Carboxyl Immobilization kit utilizes the Carboxyl Coupling Resin that consists of 6% cross-linked agarose with covalent linked diaminodipropylamine (DADPA) to generate a free primary ami..

Carboxyl Magnetic Beads

G-Biosciences’ Carboxyl Magnetic Beads are 1µm, uniform magnetic beads with surface functional group -COOH. The magnetic bead consists of a single-crystal Fe3O4 sphere core and dextran coa..

CDI Amine Reactive Agarose

G-Biosciences CDI Amine Reactive Agarose consists of 6% cross-linked agarose activated with CDI (1,1’-carbonyl diimidazole) to form reactive imidazole carbamates.    The activation o..

Classic Immunoprecipitation

Immunoprecipitation (IP) is one of the most useful immunochemical techniques.  IPs are routinely used to determine  the presence and quantity of an antigen, molecular weight of a polypeptide..


 Immunoprecipitation (IP) is one of the most useful immunochemical techniques.  IPs are routinely used to determine  the presence and quantity of an antigen, molecular weight of a polyp..

Co-NTA Resin

Immobilized Metal Ion Affinity Chromatography (IMAC), developed by Porath (1975), is based on the interaction of certain protein residues (histidines, cysteines, and to some extent tryptophans) with c..

Column, 20ml

Our 20mL empty, plastic, disposable columns, designed for small scale gravity flow purifications, have an internal volume of 32mL and a resin bed volume of 20mL.  The columns are supplied with ..

Column, 5ml

The 5ml empty, plastic, disposable columns have an internal volume of 6.5ml and is designed for small scale gravity flow purifications.  The resin bed volume is 2.5ml. Supplied with caps and s..

Concanavalin A (Con A) Agarose

Concanavalin A (Con A) Agarose consists of Con A coupled to 4% agarose by the cyanogen bromide method.  Con A is a tetrameric metalloprotein lectin isolated from Canavalia ensiformis (jack bean)...