EZ Yeast™ Plasmid Prep

EZ Yeast™ Plasmid Prep
The EZ Yeast™ Plasmid Prep kit is designed for the rapid isolation of 2μ plasmids from yeast patches or yeast grown in small liquid cultures. The kit is adapted from the alkaline lysis of E. coli, by providing modified alkaline lysis buffers and our LongLife™ Zymolyase®, a highly stable enzyme. The EZ Yeast™ Plasmid Prep kit makes it possible to isolate high yield yeast plasmid without the use of glass beads, phenol, or repeated vortexing.
LongLife™ Zymolyase®, a high performance lytic enzyme preparation, efficiently releases plasmids with a yield of up to 0.01-0.3ng for most 2µ-based plasmids from a 1.5ml culture (1 prep). EZ Yeast™ Plasmid Prep is suitable even for low copy number yeast plasmids.

The kit can be used for plasmid isolation from colonies, patches on plate, or liquid culture. The recovered plasmid is in TE buffer and ready for use in any molecular biology application such as E. coli transformations, PCR, etc.



  • Minimize time to analyze yeast plasmids; no need to shuttle plasmids to E.coli.
  • Yield of 0.01-0.3ng/ 1.5ml culture.
  • No requirement for glass beads, phenol or excessive vortexing.
  • Suitable for colonies, patches and liquid culture.
  • Purified plasmid DNA suitable for PCR amplification, transformations and other downstream applications.



  • Extraction of 2µ plasmids from yeast.
  • Generates plasmids suitable for multiple downstream applications



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